Managing Demand in your Pharmacy Service

This one day seminar is your opportunity to step away from your daily challenges and dedicate a time to think clearly about your capacity and demand concerns and how to tackle these mounting service pressures head on. Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools so when you go back to work, you will be able to speak with authority on the realities of demand management and how you can deliver your service more effectively. Don’t miss out on valuable, best practice advice on: Measuring demand Overcoming capacity crisis Ridding your service of unnecessary backlogs Managing the pathway from referral Working with clinicians Applying effective control measures Take a more in-depth look at the programme for the day by clicking here With enhanced focus on networking with other Pharmacy professionals, round table discussion and idea sharing, this seminar will provide you with the elements necessary to create an action plan to start tackling your demand pressures head on: Understand the theory behind demand management and its application to Pharmacy Departments Measure demand, capacity and backlog, and define the importance of accurate data collection Map your service to identify and eliminate bottlenecks Redesign your pathways to match demand and capacity Analyse your referral routes and criteria A fully flexible day, each of the networking sessions will be built around your needs. By helping you to work through your stumbling blocks you will be armed with the tools to develop a plan that you can return to your trust and practically apply.

11 de febrero de 2015 | Birmingham (Reino Unido)


Maple House

150 Corporation Street, Birmingham, B4 6TB

Birmingham (Reino Unido)


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